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There are many universal areas of a well-run business. One of the most crucial to the life of your business is the register counter. This area serves as a focal point for customers and also offers an opportunity to encourage some last-minute purchases or impulse buys. With our selection of cash register stands, find the perfect solution for your business with a stand built to last for years of dependable use.

We offer two lines of counters and register stands for your store's checkout area. Whether you need our economy line or our heavy-duty line, you will find every option has been crafted from durable materials for a lasting counter for your needs.

Our economy line is available in 4 popular colors of white, black, red walnut and maple. These units are made with a focus on affordability, but they are still high-quality and designed to be fully functional. With most options including a front featuring recessed slatwall paneling to allow for adding product placement to maximize last minute purchases, as well as units with fully adjustable shelving to showcase select products as needed, they make for a high-quality, practical solution for your business. They are available in a variety of lengths and heights to help you find the right choice. These more lightweight units are easier to move as needed than the heavy-duty options. We also offer smaller options on wheels for a cash register stand you can take anywhere with ease.

Our heavy-duty line is framed in aluminum and available in 8 standard finishes. Custom high-pressure laminates are also available by quote. These options for durable cash register counters are also available with slatwall fonts or shelving built in to maximize product space. Built with extra durability in mind, they are ideal for locations looking for added protection and strength when displaying heavier registers or products. They are both attractive and durable for a great combination perfect for a range of business types.

If you have any questions about any of the units we proudly offer, please contact us for further assistance.