We offer several styles of metal clothing racks to help you organize your clothing inventory. We have what you are looking for whether it is our standard chrome garment racks or our specialty racks which include lingerie racks, belt and tie displays and shoe racks. We also carry several accessories for the clothing racks, as well as tagging supplies, to help with your clothing merchandising. Our standard clothing racks are available in a range of shapes including square, circle, and multi-arm units. They are available both new and used to fit any budget, as well as sizes to fit any the space requirements of any business location.

Types of Clothing Displays Specialty Our specialty clothing racks feature options for those harder to arrange items such as handbag displays, shirt displays on wheels, spiral and half racks for small accessories, and much more. These storage units allow for a display sure to attract customers without drawing attention to the unit. Belt and Tie Racks Choose from both counter top models and floor models to find the right option. Spinner racks are a reliable way to showcase these products without taking up too much space. We also offer slatwall options for this category of products.

Shoe Racks We have a wide range of products for this area such as slatwall shelves, gridwall shelves, mirrored benches, sign holders, and much more.

Bag Racks To hold the plastic bags used to bag up purchases, these racks are perfect for clothing store locations. From standard sized options to large garment bag sizes, these racks are essential for your business. We also offer a variety of tagging accessories for this area of business needs.

Hat Racks Choose from options in the form of slatwall trays, floor stand racks, counter displays, grid wall holders, and much more.

Whether looking for a small unit to showcases a few hats, or a much larger unit to showcase rows of hats, these solutions have you covered. At Gershel Brothers, we are here to answer any questions you may have about these products.