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Although clothing stores can benefit by display tables and counters, many quality articles of clothing are better received when they’re hanging up so your customers can visualize what your blouses, dresses, or suits may look like if they were to try them on. Incentivize your customers to try on your products by utilizing retail hangers. Creating a stunning display can be accomplished by hanging your clothes throughout your store, boutique, or thrift shop. We offer a wide variety of store hangers to choose from, and we guarantee our selection has something special for every type of business. Browse our inventory today!

Our premium selection of retail hangers includes plastic, wood, and metal varieties. Our plastic hangers come in a wide range of designs, including black, white, clear, and gray color options as well as hook varieties. Choose swivel and revolving hooks to make restocking easier for your employees and a more comfortable dressing room experience for your customers. We also offer store hangers with pinch grips that are perfectly suitable for displaying pants, skirts, and other apparel. Many of our products feature adjustable metal clips that allow you to visually merchandise multiple garments as one ensemble. This method is effective because your customers can easily imagine which garments go well together and you accentuate the versatility of your products.

Suit hangers are ideal for formal wear collections. Padded hangers, on the other hand, look great in fashionable boutiques where most clothing articles are displayed on open racks spread throughout the sales floor. Each padded hook includes a fashionable little bow to add an extra touch of glamor. Our collection of retail hangers can be ordered from one to as many as you need. Customers often receive a better value when they order in bulk.

Our commitment to product quality and exceptional customer service guarantees that you can find affordable solutions to create an inviting and customer-centric experience in your retail store. Explore our fine selection of store hangers today! If you have any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the Gershel Brothers team today for further assistance.

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