Shelving is the most common display fixture in any retail store. When choosing the right store shelving units for your business, there are a few different types to consider. While store shelving units are usually made out of wood, glass, or plastic, there are differences between these three options. Wood, glass, plastic, and wire shelving is available in several popular sizes and styles to meet the needs of your location. Wood, glass, and plastic shelves are easily mounted and interchangeable on wall standards, slatwall, and gridwall. We also have attractive free-standing wood and wire shelving.

Glass Shelving One of the most popular options for store shelving units, this option is perfect for a range of locations. Tempered glass shelving is a clean, attractive way to display gifts and jewelry.

Melamine Shelving For this type of store shelving nits, we offer 4 sizes of wood shelves with either a white or maple melamine finish. They are sturdy and durable making them ideal for displaying heavy items.

Plastic Bullnose Shelving - Duron injection-molded shelves are engineered to be extremely strong yet lightweight. 1-1/2" bullnose creates rich, attractive displays. These shelving units accept slatwall, gridwall or slotted standard brackets. Best of all, they are recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Wire Shelving - Wire shelving is a great alternative for heavy duty stand-alone shelving. Chrome wire shelving is a staple in the food industry. Our Green wire shelving is guaranteed against rusting for 10 years which makes it a great business investment. We also carry 3 styles of lightweight adjustable wire shelving units.

Stockroom Shelving For a simple, versatile, and reliable solution, these are the perfect choice. Built with galvanized steel uprights and one-piece, solid pine shelves, this system installs quickly, requiring no additional rails or hardware. Pre-slotted shelves simply fit into the tabs on the uprights for a quick installation.

Wood Gift Shelving - A natural insulator, wood protects against heat and moisture which makes it incredibly long-lasting. It also absorbs sound while being impervious to rust and corrosion. The look and feel of wood, along with the versatility, strength, and durability of this material, are only a few of the reasons to choose an all-wood shelving system for your stockroom and display needs.

Shelf Sign Holders and Accessories - Shelving is not truly effective without the proper use of sign holders, brackets, and countless other accessories. We offer a wide selection of these accompanying aspects to outfit your units.

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