Functionality and versatility make gondola shelving easy to install with the ability to change your displays at any time. With a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, as well as an abundance of accessories for added flexibility, gondola shelving will enhance your store's design and create a comfortable and enticing setting in which your customers can buy your products. Explore our versatile selection of gondola and wall shelving to showcase your premium products in the most compelling way so you can achieve higher sales volume. Our collection also offers double sided, single sided, feature ends, shelf sign holders, as well as quality used products and accessories so you can find everything your store needs in one convenient place. Want quality and savings? Look for tremendous bargains on used store shelving.

Traditional New or Used Gondola Shelving - With a base shelf and two upper shelves on each side, you can create a countless number of displays that will gain the attention of your customers.

Wall Store Shelving - Does your store plan work better with wall shelving instead of gondola? You'll find both new and used wall store shelving... all top quality, of course.

Feature Ends for New and Used Gondolas - It's been proven time and time again... products displayed on end caps get more attention and show higher sales volumes. Regardless of the type of store shelving you use, we have feature ends to work with it. Select from two, three, and four-foot feature ends available in smooth steel, with pegboard, with bins, or with wire merchandisers.

Accessories for Store Shelving - Enhance your store shelving and your ability to turn merchandise with baskets, hooks, shelf fencing, shelf dividers, data strips, cardboard risers, and more.

Our unbeatable selection of accessories for store shelving will help you turn merchandise into profit in no time. If you have any questions about product availability, sizes, or colors, we want to help! Call or email us today so we may better assist you.

We now stock new BLACK shelving in both Philadelphia and Phoenix! Call your Gershel Brothers salesperson for a quote.

Have questions? Want help with store planning to ensure the best use of your gondola shelving? Just call us toll-free at 800-962-5307 or email us at

Installation instructions for New Gondola Shelving, New Wall Shelving and New End Caps