Shipping Information and FedEx Rates

To determine "billable" weight, FedEx compares the package's actual weight to what they call the "dimensional" weight. The greater of the two is the billable weight and is what FedEx uses to calculate the rate. For more information, please click on the following link - How to Determine Billable Weight.

Note: FedEx has implemented a new handling charge on any box that is 48" long or more. The threshold used to be 60". We are in the process of identifying and marking the items on our website that meet this criteria. The handling charge is in addition to the regular shipping amount.

Shipping Information (PDF)

FedEx Zones from Philadelphia, PA 19136 (PDF)

FedEx Zones from Phoenix, AZ 85043 (PDF)

FedEx Rates (PDF)

FedEx Map from Philadelphia, PA (PDF)

FedEx Map from Phoenix, AZ (PDF)