Outriggers and wall standards are a very versatile way to merchandise clothing and accessories. You can setup a wide array of configurations with shelf brackets, hangrails and waterfalls.

Outrigger System - Outriggers are a popular way to fixture any wall. A minimal amount of fastening with a maximum amount of usable space. Support is on the floor, not on the walls. Use any 1/2" slotted hardware with the outrigger posts. Install outriggers on center, up to 4' apart to accommodate whatever fixture that you choose.

Medium Duty Standards and Accessories - Attach the standards directly to a studded wall to easily start your merchandising. Arrange your clothing with faceouts, waterfalls, hangrails and several sizes of shelf brackets.

Heavy Duty Standards and Accessories - Our heavy duty standards are perfect for displaying heavier clothing like coats and jeans. Several accessories available including faceouts, waterfalls, hangrails and shelves.

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