Breathe Life Into Window & Store Designs

Here's a retail fact: clothing displayed on mannequin forms creates more interest than clothing strictly sold on racks and tables. Here's a psychological fact: people, in general, are drawn to human faces and to the human form.

No wonder mannequins work so well!

Rather than creating a display strictly out of store fixtures, add some real eye appeal by using mannequins or torso forms. Mannequin forms bring clothing to life making it more enticing. They also create interest in practically any other type of display, too, from tradeshow booths to fashion design studios.

We offer a wide range of mannequin options for your business. Every product we feature has been made with high standards for a long-lasting solution. Choose from an array of colors and types to find the right choice for the needs of your business.


Male or female, adult or child, standing or seated, action or still, mannequins are available for practically every use. Choose from mannequin forms with full-face makeup and hair or blank forms... whichever suits your needs best. With store mannequins in full body and mannequin forms available in several poses (and with prices this affordable), you'll want to order several.

Torso Forms

From traditional male and female torso forms to contemporary wire or brightly colored torso forms, you'll find creative and space-saving ways to design your selling space. Torso forms work perfectly on tabletops or counters and are versatile enough to be used for jewelry, clothing, sportswear, accessories, and more.

Slack Forms

When looking for store mannequins that highlight apparel for the lower body only, we have you covered there as well. With options available in both male and female, showcase a range of products with ease. Forms are available on bases that ensure proper upright position as well as create a classy appearance.

Specialized Forms

When looking for a mannequin option that allows you to showcase specialty garments, you will find a wide range of available options. From heads, hands, and feet, find all the smaller mannequin forms your business needs to showcase an array of inventory items. Whether looking for the full length of a ladies leg or just a menís ankle form, we have you covered.