Pegboard Hooks and Power Panels


Pegboards, slatwalls, and gridwall displays are versatile solutions for marketing and merchandising your premium products. If you’re looking for a way to make your display truly pop, look no further than our selection of pegboard hooks and power panels. We offer a comprehensive collection of fixture accessories so you can transform any blank canvas into a powerful selling opportunity. We also supply gridwall hooks, slatwall hooks, and specialty pegboard displays to suit every shape and size retail space. Browse our inventory today to find everything your retail location is missing.

Our extensive selection of pegboard hooks includes a wide range of sizes and styles for you to choose from. Our heavy-duty hooks are available from two to 12 inches in length. Each product is easy to install and includes a safety ball tip for the protection of your customers and employees. Other pegboard accessories include safety loop hooks, standard loop hooks, and flip-scan peg hooks with label holders. Inventory control clips are ideal for keeping carded merchandise at the front of your pegboard displays, so your display looks fuller and organized. Control clips allow you and your employees to easily determine ideal reordering points and can simplify inventory control processes.

Hook scanner overlays can transform conventional pegboard hooks into scanner hooks, making inventory effortless and price identification easy for your customers’ convenience. If your store currently has slatwall hooks, we have just the solution for you. Our assortment of slatwall hooks range from one to 12 inches in length, allowing you to tier merchandise according to your available display space and preference. Most slatwall hooks are available in black, white, or chrome. Gridwalls have become widely popular in the retail industry, and we supply gridwall hooks to optimize the merchandising power of your store. Other products include utility hooks and grid hooks, ideal for holding open baskets or dump bins.

Power panels are highly versatile and can create perfect end-of-aisle merchandising opportunities to increase impulse buying power. We also supply power panel hooks, bins, bin dividers, clip-on baskets, sign holders, and platform bases for stand-alone options. Gershel Brothers is the ultimate destination for any business owner looking to maximize the visual layout and design of his or her store. Browse our inventory today to find exactly what your establishment is missing.

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