Getting your customers' attention and keeping it can be a real challenge. With so much visual stimulation in modern retail environments, shoppers' eyes canít focus on one thing for long. Itís for this reason that you commonly find gridwall transformed into creative displays at trade shows, art galleries, clothing stores, jewelry boutiques, auto parts stores, and other businesses. Draw attention to your products and create a gridwall display to get your merchandise noticed and sold. We proudly offer gridwall panels, gondolas, hooks, and gridwall accessories. Explore our extensive inventory today!

Gridwall Panels: Multiple panel sizes make it easy to craft visually stimulating wall ensembles, mobile floor displays, end caps, and other designs that capture and keep your customers' attention. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit any wall space or decorating plan. These gridwall panels come in black, white, and chrome and will hold up to years of continuous use.

Gridwall Gondolas: Mobile, attractive, functional. Our selection of gridwall gondolas are available in a wide range of colors and can be ordered with or without wheels for added mobility.

Gridwall Hooks: If you need a product or clothing article hung, we have what you need to hang it. Enhance your gridwall displays with hooks made specifically for those displays. From 2" to a foot long, you'll find gridwall hooks for practically every application.

Gridwall Accessories: We stock support arms, baskets, faceouts, hangrails, shelf brackets, sign holders, tubing, rails, belt or tie racks, acrylic displays, clear bins, dividers, garment displays, and many other accessories to help improve your visual merchandising and sales.

When designing your gridwall display, your options are virtually limitless. Simply mix and match panels, choose your accessories, and then select the perfect color to create your own masterpieces and generate sales. Have any questions or need help finding the perfect solution for your space or budget? Gershel Brothers is here to help! Contact us today for further assistance. With more than 40 years of experience offering superior solutions at affordable prices to business owners, weíll be happy to help you ensure the best use of your retail displays and accessories.

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