There are many ways to showcase products in a pleasing manner. One of the best solutions for locations tight on space, but still looking for a reliable display option, would be the use of half vision displays. Our half vision showcases are perfect for displaying a wide range of items including jewelry, crafts, electronics, and antiques. All the half vision display cases we offer include an adjustable glass shelf to maximize storage and display capacity. Choose the style, color, and options that are right for your store with our diverse selection of half vision displays. We carry new and used inventory!

Glass Displays – Our displays are made with glass that is tempered to ensure it is long-lasting against breakage. The base is made in a recessed style with your choice of 9 different laminate colors to find the option that is best for your store décor. They can also be outfitted with additional features such as mirrored doors, fluorescent lights, LED lights, and plunger locks. These units are available in a variety of sizes, such as 48, 60, and 70 inches, to accommodate a range of spaces and needs.

Corner Units – Offered with all the options as the regular glass half vision displays in terms of laminate and add-ons, these corner units are perfect for tight spaces or improving the visibility of products. They are available in various sizes and feature a back door opening panel.

Modular Displays – The largest half vision displays we offer, these units are a three-piece corner style unit that acts as a long counter with maximum viewing potential. Available in several laminate color choices to create the desired look, these display units feature vinyl kickplates to avoid scuffs and keep the unit looking great.

No matter which type of unit works best for your location, rest assured they are made of quality materials with a focus on lasting construction. At Gershel Brothers, we feature a wide range of affordable products to offer high-quality business solutions for your needs. If you have questions we would be happy to assist you in any way while shopping.