Displaying jewelry requires certain considerations. Give your business the security it needs, as well as a great way to showcase these products, with our selection of new or used jewelry vision displays. Display your jewelry in an attractive & traditional way with our jewelry vision showcases available in a variety of options and sizes. These jewelry vision displays are made with traditional recessed base and tempered glass cases.

Cases are offered in a variety of sizes, such as 48 inches, 60 inches, and 70 inches, to accommodate a range of locations. While we offer half vision cases, we also offer larger units for larger stores. Choose from corner units and 3 piece modular units that create an elongated counter option. We also have several pedestal cases to choose from which are great as centerpieces to a store. Pedestal options create an elevated look while increasing the appearance of open spaces by keeping more of the flooring visible. These models are available in traditional counter styles, as well as hexagonal options. Units feature extra storage with hinged doors and a shelf inside the recessed bases.

These jewelry vision displays are all made with a commitment to quality for a long-lasting addition to your business. In addition to being functional and durable, they are also stylish in appearance. Choose the style, color, and options that are right for your store. We offer a variety of laminate colors such as oak, maple, and white, to help you line up this unit with any existing shelving units for a uniformed look.

These units offer the ability to add on certain elements to enhance the jewelry vision displays. Choose from options such as added plunger locks, mirrored doors, adjustable shelves, and more. Lighting is always important in this area of merchandising which is why we offer add-on options such as LED and fluorescent lighting capabilities in these units.

At Gershel Brothers, our inventory features an array of products designed to make your business life easier. If you have any questions, we would be happy to assist you further.