In a location selling clothing and accessories, there are unique considerations on how to display the products. With our selection of specialty store fixtures, you can display a wide range of product types. We offer specialty garment racks for displaying items such as lingerie and handbags, as well as many other options. We also have specialty garment racks that offer a unique alternative to displaying shirts, skirts, and coats.

Every option we offer has been carefully constructed with durability and function as key components for a long-lasting, helpful display solution. These high-quality specialty store fixtures are an affordable way to increase visibility and storage of products in an attractive manner.

Handbag Displays We have several options for displaying these accessories. Whether looking for an adjustable, counter model that showcases one bag or a four-arm unit with 5 hooks on each arm to display a larger selection of items, we have you covered! These displays are all designed to be functional while still looking pleasing with their chrome finishes.

Revolving Shirt Displays One of the best ways to show off a wide selection of shirts, this type of unit features multiple shelves, as well as acrylic holders to display the shirts in a more attention-grabbing manner. Made with wheels for easy transport and revolving centers for the ease of customers browsing, these units are available in your choice of maple or cherry finishes for a sophisticated appearance customers will appreciate.

Racks Choose from both spiral racks and half racks. These units are ideal for storing a range of products. We offer waterfall models that cascade downwards and feature 29 hooks for ample storage and display capacity, as well as half rounded units that have a smooth chrome finish and teardrop ends perfect or hanging clothing in an appealing way.

We also offer options such as piping nesting tables ideal for retail spaces, alcove mirrors with stands perfect for dressing room areas, hanger stackers on wheels for displaying the same item in different colors, and much more. At Gershel Brothers, we are your source for a wide range of display and storage products for your business. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have while shopping with us!