When displaying items in your business, you want the best visibility for your customers. A great way to ensure all items are easily visible is with the use of glass shelves. Tempered glass shelving is a clean, attractive way to display gifts and jewelry, as well as other items. With glass shelves, the focal point remains on the products with a better viewing area for customers.

We offer a wide selection of glass shelves to meet the needs of your business. Our selection of glass shelving features tempered glass which is ten times stronger than regular glass. Available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different shelving units, our glass shelves are made to be 3/16" thick using tempered safety glass with polished edges for a safer retail environment. With such a focus on durability, you can rest assured that your investment in shelving will last for many years to come. Our tempered glass shelving offers a nice amount of light reflection, but never enough to be overpowering, so it truly highlights your products in a visually pleasing manner. They are easy to install into most shelving units, as long as you order the correct sizing for your needs. While brackets are sold separately for these shelves, we do offer a range of associated products you may need at affordable prices. Choose from such necessities as shelf rests, glass shelf edges, and glass shelf sign holders of various sizes to display the product name and price. In addition to our smaller parts and the high-quality tempered glass shelving, we also offer deep glass shelf levels. A few other things to note about these shelving options is that we are now shipping all glass shelving sizes by UPS. If you are ordering a large quantity, then common carrier shipment may still be a safer option.

At Gershel Brothers, we aim to supply you with affordable storage solutions for your business. We offer a wide inventory of high-quality options to meet your needs with ease. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have while shopping with us today.