When looking for a way to display products that is easy to install and versatile, a slatwall gondola display is a great choice. Perfect for a range of business types and spaces, this type of shelving unit offers versatility in terms of displaying products while allowing you to easily adjust and make changes as needed.

We carry several slatwall floor displays that have the same versatility that regular slatwall has, but in a more convenient form. When working with a slatwall gondola display, you have the ability to move it from spot to spot to achieve the best layout for your store and products. With this need in mind, many of the options we offer for adding a slatwall gondola display are made with relatively lightweight materials to ensure ease of movement, as well as select models equipped with wheels for improved mobility. However, just because they are easy to move doesnít mean they arenít durable. Made with lightweight metal bases and frames, these units are sturdy enough to support the weight of your product with the use of hooks and shelves without compromise. Every slatwall gondola display in our inventory has been made with attention to quality construction to ensure a lasting product. Available in a range of sizes in terms of height and length, these units will work in a variety of spaces. Choose from units with double sided slatwall placement for even more storage space.

We also have corner units which make it easy to maximize as much space possible with these reliable units. When looking to accommodate a particular space with ease, we also offer unique designs such as H shaped and T shaped gondolas to meet your needs. Once you have your shelving gondola in place, you will need hooks, sign holders, and other accessories to properly utilize them. We offer a wide selection of these needs in our inventory to accommodate you. All of the slatwall accessories, such as hooks and shelves, will work on these slatwall gondolas and slatwall displays.

If you have any questions, please contact us today for further assistance finding the right solution for your business.