Customers like to see how accessories will look on them as an individual before they purchase. With our selection of retail mirrors, give them an option of seeing before they buy! We offer a wide selection of store mirrors for slatwall, grid wall and the counter for your customers to try on their jewelry purchases. We also have small mirrored displays that highlight your small items and allow customers to get a better view.

Our inventory of retail mirrors features options that are all made with high standards of quality. With long-lasting materials for the base, find the perfect solution for your business that will be sturdy and look great. We offer store mirrors in a variety of materials such as models with wooden bases, metal stand bases, and more.

One of the most popular options are the grid wall mirrors. These mirrors are available in an array of sizes. Best of all, they can easily attach to your existing shelving unit for a mirror that stands out to customers when they need it but doesn’t get in the way or take up precious counter space. While grid wall is a great solution, we also have a selection of countertop mirrors for those with the space. Choose from oval, square, and round shapes in a variety of sizes. For locations looking to give customers a better view when trying on footwear, we also have shoe mirrors that are perfectly slanted to allow for the best visibility of the product while they try it on for size.

Another important area in need of mirrors is dressing rooms. We have alcove mirror stands to help your customers see what their outfit looks like. Every option we offer has been made with high-quality materials for a lasting solution. Best of all, they look great! Whether looking for the modern appeal of a chrome finish or the more traditional look of wood tones, these mirrors offer function and appearance to match your needs with ease.

At Gershel Brothers, we are pleased to assist you in any way while shopping with us. Please contact us today for further assistance in finding the right solution for your business.