Positioning your product at eye level within a visually interesting display is one proven way to increase sales. Whether your business is garden hoses or designer evening gowns, having an organized and well-presented exhibit is a necessity.

Slatwall (also called slatboard) is at the core of visual merchandising because it allows you to design creative displays that are immediately noticed. Slatwall panels come in a variety of popular colors. You'll even find slatboard in wood grains and mirrored finishes.

Melamine Slatwall - Melamine slatboard is constructed of 3/4" thick medium density fiberboard and covered with melamine. Melamine has the ability to hold color well and is produced in a wide range of shades. Slatwall hooks and other accessories are also available.

Mirror-finish Slatwall - In his best-selling book "Why We Buy," world-renowned buying behaviorist, Paco Underhill, stated, "Mirrors slow shoppers in their tracks, a very good thing for whatever merchandise happens to be in the vicinity." With mirror-finish slatboard, practically all your merchandise can be located beside a mirror making it irresistible to both your male and female customers. Slatwall hooks and other accessories are also available.

Oak & Maple Slatwall - Enhance your store's interior with wood grain-style slatboard. Manufactured from 3/4" medium density fiberboard for durability, wood grain slatboard is covered in a faux, melamine wood grain that gives the appearance of oak or maple paneling. Slatwall hooks and other accessories are also available.

Paint Grade Slatwall - Can't find slatwall to match your store's decor? Create your own matchless style when you customize your store with paint grade slatwall panels. Just as functional as other slatboard, but with a unique surface specifically designed for painting.

Slatwall Hooks & Accessories - Choose from an extensive array of accessories including wire slatgrid panels, slatwall gondolas, slatboard standing displays, slatwall hooks, support arms, shelf brackets, slatwall scanning hooks, lights, cap holders, literature holders, mirrors, shelves, and many other accessories to help improve your visual merchandising and sales.

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