Gridwall Displays Get Noticed

Getting your customers' attention and keeping it can be a real challenge. With so much visual stimulation, shoppers' eyes don't stay focused on one thing for long. That's why at tradeshows, art galleries, clothing stores, jewelry boutiques, auto parts stores, and most other businesses you'll find smart people who use gridwall to build creative displays that get noticed.

When designing gridwall displays, your options are virtually endless. Simply mix and match the panels, choose your accessories then select just the right color to create your own masterpieces.

Gridwall Panels - Multiple panel sizes make it easy to craft wall ensembles, mobile floor displays, end caps, and more that get and hold your customers' attention. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit any wall space or decorating plan. These gridwall panels come in black, white, and chrome and will hold up to years of continuous use.

Gridwall Gondolas - Mobile, attractive, functional. Use gridwall gondolas in conjunction with gridwall panels or alone. Available in your choice of colors, and with or without wheels.

Gridwall Hooks - If it needs to be hung, we have what you need to hang it. Enhance your gridwall displays with hooks made specifically for gridwall. From 2" to a foot long, you'll find gridwall hooks for practically every use under the sun.

Accessories for Gridwall Dislays - Our extensive array of accessories for gridwall displays includes support arms, shelf brackets, gridwall scanning hooks, lights, cap holders, literature holders, mirrors, shelves, and many other accessories to help improve your visual merchandising and sales.

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