Wood display baskets are an attractive alternative to wire. Add a country feel to your store with several styles and sizes of wood baskets. They are great for organizing small dump items.

We offer a wide selection of wooden baskets, as well as other options, for your needs. Every option we feature is durable and made from high-quality materials. Baskets require simple assembly.

Bushel Basket Named after a unit of dry measure used in gardening, bushel baskets are also a certain style of basket that feature wide brims. Made with two contrasting wood tones, this basket offers a rustic charm. Choose from options with or without handles. Handles are made of wire.

Peck Basket Also named after a unit of measure in gardening, the peck basket is available in sizes ranging from a peck to a hamper peck. Offered with handles when needed, choose from baskets to work with one of our displays or a stand-alone basket.

Shopping Baskets and Carts Choose from a variety of options for these retail store necessities. We offer plastic and metal, as well as used and new options, in a variety of sizes and colors.

Metal Baskets Designed for use with either gridwall, slatwall, or pegboard shelving units, these baskets are made of metal and coated with an epoxy finish for added protection. They are available in black or white to match your unit. Easy to install, they clip on the panel making it easy to adjust your shelving as needed.

Nesting Baskets Made of mesh material with braided rope handles, these baskets fit inside each other for easy transport and storage. They are sold in a set of three.

Cute Little Baskets Aptly named, these little baskets are easy to place on a countertop. Made of lightweight plastic and offered in various colors, they feature solid corners and mesh design centers.

At Gershel Brothers, it is our goal to provide our customers with reliable solutions for their businesses. We would be happy to answer any question or assist you while shopping with us.